Dear Colleagues - we just received the results of the 2001-2002 HERI Faculty Survey Report - (n=106) - You may remember receiving and/or completing the
paper survey Fall Semester of 2001. 

Some results of interest: 

Goals for undergraduates noted as very important or essential: 

Develop ability to think clearly 99%, followed by Prepare students for employment after college - 70.2% and Prepare students for graduate or advanced education
- 68.3%. 

Personal goals noted as very important or essential: 

Being a good teacher - 96.2%, followed by Being a good colleague - 86.5%, Raising a family 69.2%, Developing a meaningful philosophy of life - 68.9% - and
Helping others who are in difficulty - 67.3% 

Agrees strongly or somewhat... 

Faculty are interested in students' personal problems - 88.3% 
Faculty of color are treated fairly here - 87.9% 
My teaching is valued by faculty in my department - 87.1% 
Faculty here are strongly interested in the academic problems of undergraduates - 86.3% 
Gay and lesbian faculty are treated fairly here - 85.6% 
Women faculty are treated fairly here - 84.2% 
My research is valued by faculty in my department - 73.1% 

Issues believed to be of high or highest priority at your college or university: 

To promote the intellectual development of students - 76.9% 
To develop a sense of community among students and faculty - 54.4% 
To help students examine and understand their personal values - 38.8% 

Issues believed to be of high or highest priority at your college or university 

To create a diverse multi-cultural campus environment - 78.2% 
To enhance the institution's national image - 65% 
To recruit more minority students - 54.4% 

Attributes noted as being VERY descriptive of your institution: 

It is easy for students to see faculty outside of regular office hours - 51.5% 
Faculty here respect each other - 32.4% 

Attributes noted as being NOT descriptive of your institution: 

Most students are treated like "numbers in a book" - 91.3% 
Social Activities are overemphasized - 85.3% 
Students here do not usually socialize with one another - 66.7% 

Aspects of job noted as satisfactory or very satisfactory: 

Autonomy and independence - 76.9% 
Opportunity to develop new ideas - 71.6% 
Professional relationships with other faculty - 71.4% 
Overall job satisfaction - 70.5% 
Job security - 63.6% 

If you were to begin your career again, would you still want to be a college professor? Definitely yes - 48.1%, Probably yes - 31.1% 

Factors noted as source of stress during the last two years: 

Institutional procedures and "red tape" - 85.6% 
Time pressures - 82.7% 
Lack of personal time - 78.8% 
Managing household responsibilities - 76.9% 
Personal finances - 69.2% 

Agrees strongly or somewhat: 

A racially/ethnically diverse student body enhances the educational experience of all students - 94.2% 
Colleges should encourage students to be involved in community service activities - 88.5% 
Colleges should be actively involved in solving social problems - 73.8% 
Tenure is essential to attract the best minds to academe - 67% 

How would you characterize your political views? 

Far left - 5% 
Liberal - 49.5% 
Middle-of-the-road - 32.7% 
Conservative - 12.9% 
Far right - 0% 

How optimistic are you about the future of UH Hilo? 

Not at all optimistic - 4.7% 
B (scale) - 7% 
C - 29.1% 
D - 31.4% 
E - Very optimistic - 27.9% 

I have the complete results, but not the national norms yet. Contact me if you need the complete results.