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Faculty Congress Motion 17-18-010

Request for the Appointment of a Distance Learning Liaison

Whereas, the UH Hilo has not had a Distance Learning Coordinator since Dr. Candace Wheeler retired several years ago.

Wheras, the UH Hilo VCAA has, since that time, appointed select faculty members to serve as the Distance Learning Liaison for an academic year, so that UH Hilo is represented on the System-wide Distance Learning Program Planning Group (DLPPG) and the Council for Distance Coordinators (CDC), as well as other DL-related sub-committees.

Whereas, there is no one appointed to represent UH Hilo at the meetings this academic year.

Therefore, the UH Hilo Faculty Congress requests that Administration appoint a Distance Learning Liaison for the remainder of the academic year to assure that UH Hilo is participating in and represented at the DLPPG and CDC System-level meetings.

Motion History

  • Submitted to Faculty Congress Executive Committee on 10/13/17.
  • Read and approved at the Faculty Congress meeting on 10/20/17.
  • Submitted to Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Ken Hon, on 10/21/17.