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Faculty Congress Motion 17-18-008

Request for the Creation of the DKICP Faculty Senate Executive Committee for Representation on the UH Hilo Faculty Congress

Whereas, all faculty members in the DKICP are considered members of the Faculty Senate.

Whereas, a DKICP Faculty Senate Executive Committee has never been formed, a chair has never been elected, and a faculty-elected Chair has never served as a representative of the UH Hilo Faculty Congress.

Whereas, a faculty-approved Charter, as well as Bylaws, for the DKICP Faculty Senate do not yet exist.

Therefore, the UH Hilo Faculty Congress requests that the faculty members of the DKICP immediately form a FSEC (per faculty election of representatives) and elect a Chair to represent DKICP on the FC.

Motion History

  • Submitted to Faculty Congress Executive Committee on 10/13/17.
  • Read and approved by Faculty Congress on 10/20/17.
  • Sent to the DKICP Faculty Congress Representatives on 10/21/17.