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Faculty Congress Motion 17-18-007

Motion to Develop Guidelines for Promotion for Instructors (Per the New UPHA Collective Bargaining Agreement)

Whereas, there is a new UPHA collective agreement.

Whereas, the agreement includes the implementation of an in-rank promotion process for I-2 faculty to be available by the fall of 2018, which includes three promotion steps with 5 percent salary increases per step.

Whereas, the guidlines for the in-rank promotion process for I-2 faculty does not exists, as it has not been developed yet.

Whereas, the guidelines must be in place (through all the design, development, review, and approval processes) by the fall of 2018.

Therefore, it is recommended that the UH Hilo Faculty Congress form an ad hoc committee that will enable faculty to develop the general university guidelines/criteria for the Instructor promotion process.

Motion History

  • Submitted to Faculty Congress Executive Committee on 10/13/17.
  • First reading at Faculty Congress on 10/20/17.
  • Motion was approved on 10/20/17.
  • Committee chair identified on 10/23/17.