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Faculty Congress Motion 17-18-005

Motion to Accept Two New Campus-Wide Advanced Placement Tests for UH Hilo Credit

Whereas, students must qualify to enroll in Advanced Placement courses during their upper-level high-school years.

Whereas, high schools must authorized by the Advanced Placement Program as participating AP Capstone schools, and high school teachers offering these AP Seminar and AP Research courses must be specially trained prior to offering them.

Whereas, AP courses are designed to be transferrable to the college-level.

Whereas, the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Advanced Placement Program recommend that colleges grant credit and/or placement to students with AP Exam scores of 3 and higher.

Whereas, acceptance of AP test scores for credit are typically handled at the department level.

Whereas, AP Seminar and AP Research are new tests (offered beginning 2017).

Whereas, AP Seminar and AP Research are not subject-specific (and, therefore, not department-specific) courses.

Therefore, it is requested that the UH Hilo Faculty Congress accept AP Seminar (3 credits) and AP Research (3 credits) for lower-level, elective college credit toward graduation when students provide an exam score of 3 or higher.

Motion History

  • Submitted to Faculty Congress Executive Committee on 10/13/17.
  • First reading at Faculty Congress on 10/20/17.
  • Submitted to the Academic Policy Committee on 10/20/17.
  • Academic Policy Committee Report submitted to Faculty Congress on 11/17/17.
  • Advanced Placement Test for UH Hilo approved by Faculty Congress on 11/17/17.
  • Impacted Individuals notified of acceptance on 11/18/17.