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Motion 17-18-004

Motion to Request Policy for Unregistered Students Attending UH Hilo Classes

Whereas, there is no policy related to who can and cannot attend classes at UH Hilo, such as registered students or auditing students only.

Whereas, historically, students have attended UH Hilo classes unregisteredfor many reasons, including (1) refreshing their knowledge with an intention to take advanced classes; (2) waiting for admissions, registration, or financial aid processes to clear; (3) or having made personal arrangements with the professors.

Whereas, historically, when issues have arisen that require the students to leave the classes, there is no policy in place to support the requests.

Whereas, there exists liability issues when unregistered students participate in classes, lectures, labs, and field trips.

Therefore, it is requested that the UH Hilo Faculty Congress discuss this issue and, possibly, defer it to the Academic Policy Committee for policy considerations and recommendations.

Motion History

  • Submitted to Faculty Congress Executive Committee on 10/13/17.
  • Motion tabled on 10/20/17.