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Motion 17-18-003

Motion for Approval of the Distance Learning Policy

Whereas UH Hilo has not had a distance Learning Coordinator since August 2013:

Whereas WASC in their March 2015 report determined that UH Hilo has no clearly articulated strategy for Distance Education;

Whereas WASC recommended that "immediate attention be given to all aspects of the online, distance education program," VCAA Platz appointed a Distance Learning Liason for AY 2016-17;

Whereas the AY 2016-17 Distance Learning formed a Distance Learning Policy Committee and drafted a campus-wide policy and made the following recommendations:

  • Hire a Distance Education Coordinator
  • Develop a more effective mechanism for soliciting Distance Education student course evalutations
  • Review and update the Online Learning Readiness Check for students
  • Review and update the Quality Online Course Design certificate
  • Encourage academic units to develop criteria and assessment of their DL as needed
  • Encourage academic units to review the UH Hilo Distance Education Policy
  • Adopt the term Distance Education instead of Distance Learning

Therefore, it is proposed that the drafted policy, including the Distance Learning Policy Committees' list of recommendations, be adopted by Faculty Congress

Attachment: University of Hawaii at Hilo Distance Education Policy

Motion History

  • Submitted to Faculty Congress Executive Committee on 9/08/17.
  • First reading at Faculty Congress on 9/15/17.
  • Second reading at Faculty Congress on 10/20/17.
  • Approved by Faculty Congress on 10/20/17.
  • Submitted to Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Ken Hon, and Interim Chancellor, Marcia Sakai, on 10/21/17.