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Motion 17-18-002

Motion for the Approval of Wording for Incompletes Policy

Whereas, having one campus-wide policy for incompletes eliminates the disparities among the several versions discovered thoughout UH Hilo documentation

Whereas, such consistency helps to ensure equitable consideration for all students, as well as faculty.

Therefore, it is requested that the UH Hilo Faculty Congress approve the revised wording that will apply to incompletes in all UH Hilo documentation.

Motion History

  • Submitted to Faculty Congress Executive Committee on 9/08/17.
  • First reading at Faculty Congress on 9/15/17.
  • Submitted to Academic Policy Committee on 9/15/17.
  • Academic Policy Committee Report submitted to Faculty Congress on 11/17/17.
  • Policy voted on and approved 11/17/17.
  • Policy sent to Impacted individuals on 11/18/17.

Approval of Incompletes Policy