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Faculty Congress Motion 15-16-010

To Change the Charter to Allow for a Single Voting Representative from UHHSA to Faculty Congress

Whereas the current Charter requires six non-voting members from UHHSA, and one voting:

Whereas recruiting six non-voting members is unfeasible

Whereas the current practice is that the UHHSA President serve as the only student representative to Faculty Congress

Therefore, be it resolved that Faculty Congress adopt the following changes to the Charter:

Article II, Membership

Section 2. Ex-officio, nonvoting members: Ex-officio administration members shall include the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Deans of the Colleges, the Director of Athletics, and the Director of Libraries. Ex-officio student members shall be elected by the student government association, with 2 representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and 1 representative from each of the remaining colleges.

Section 4. Term: Members shall serve staggered 2 year terms.

Membership: The Congress shall be composed of faculty representatives of all colleges at UH Hilo, the Library, and the Office of Student Affairs (hereinafter referred to as ‘units’). In addition, one voting member of the Congress shall be a student, who will be selected from among and by the ex-officio, non-voting student members described in Section 2 belowthe University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo Association (UHHSA) President.

Administrative Status

  • Charter updated.

Four Motions from the Advising Task Force

Please see the attachments for the full text of motions:

Motion #1
Implementation of a faculty model system of advising that forms a spectrum with consideration of the unique diversity and the differences of academic units at the University of Hawai╩╗i.
Advising Task Force Motion1 (Full Text)
Motion #2
Motion to require that students, especially transfer students, be informed of the name of their advisors BEFORE the first week of classes.
Advising Task Force Motion2 (Full Text)
Motion #3
Implementation of policies for Academic Advising on the UHH campus, in addition to other efforts to improve student-faculty advising.
Advising Task Force Motion3 (Full Text)
Motion #4
Requirement of an assessment and reevaluation on the Advising Task Force’s motions and recommendations in late Spring of 2016.
Advising Task Force Motion4 (Full Text)

Administrative Status