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Motion for Forming an Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Guidelines for Contract Renewal, Promotion, and Tenure and Update Relative to the 2015-2017 Agreement


Whereas UPHA and the BOR of the UH System created a new Agreement (on June 27, 2014).

Whereas this Agreement covers 2015-2017 time period.

Whereas UH Hilo Guidelines for Applying for Contract Renewal, Promotion, and Tenure were approved on March 11, 2012.

Whereas the Guidelines need to be reviewed to make sure all information within aligns with the new Agreement.

Therefore, it is recommended that the CAS Senate/Faculty Congress form an Ad Hoc Committee to review and update the Guidelines, so that they are in alignment with the new Agreement.

This motion was amended to refer this task to the APC committee rather than forming an Ad Hoc committee.

UH Hilo Faculty Congress Vote: Yes – 26, No – 0, Abstain - 0

Administrative Status

  • Motion sent to the APC Chair on 9-25-15 with follow-up documentation on 10-1-15.
  • No differences in wording.