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Motion to Designate Online Lab Courses as different from in-class, Hands-on Lab courses

  • Whereas on-line laboratory courses do not train students in hand motor skills with laboratory equipment and safety
  • Whereas on-line laboratory courses are contrary to the mission of hands-on laboratory courses
  • Whereas on-line courses are not academically equivalent to hands-on laboratory courses
  • Therefore, be it resolved that on-line laboratory courses would be designated as such with a different alphanumeric code; for example replace the "L" code for "Laboratory Course" with "OLL" for "On-line Laboratory Course"

  • UH Hilo Faculty Congress Vote:  Yes – 10, No – 0, Abstain - 2

  • Memorandum

  • The motion was not approved by the Chancellor because the motion does not sufficiently define the concept of "Online Lab Courses" and it "will not solve the problem" since this is a system wide issue.

  • The Chair of the Faculty Congress will take this issue up with the ACCFSC.

  • Chancellor Response to On-Line Lab Motion