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Motion to Approve Sabbatical Leave Report Tracking Progress

  • Whereas according to the 2009-2015 Agreement “Upon returning from sabbatical leave, the Faculty Member shall report to the Employer in writing, within one (1) semester, on activities during the leave, through the Dean/Director, to the appropriate Chancellor”

    • Whereas currently there is no university-wide mechanism in place that provides final report tracking for these faculty members who return from sabbatical leave
    • Whereas sabbatical leave is considered a form of professional development per the 2009-2015 Agreement.  The Agreement states, "The purpose of the sabbatical leave is to provide Faculty Members with an opportunity for further professional growth and development so that they may serve more effectively on their campuses and in their fields of specialization"
    • Therefore, be it proposed that the responsibility for sabbatical leave report tracking as assigned to the VCAA’s Professional Development Liaison (PDL).  The PDL will gather sabbatical leave information each term and present it on the PDL website in a simple table format.
  • UH Hilo Faculty Congress Vote: Yes – 13, No – 0, Abstain - 0

  • The motion was approved by Chancellor and sent to VC Academic Affairs to establish a process. 

  • A formal sabbatical leave process was established in Spring 2014 and can be found at the Professional Development website

  • Chancellor Response to Sabbatical Reporting Motion