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Reimplement the UH Hilo Post-Tenure Review Policy and Procedures

  • Whereas the Board of Regents Policy Section 9-15 establishes guidelines for the periodic evaluation of every faculty member (at least once every five years).
  • Whereas the post-tenure review can be a positive force when used to encourage all faculty members to continue their professional growth in all areas of endeavor.
  • Whereas faculty members at UH Hilo would appreciate the reimplementation of this policy and evaluation procedures.
  • Therefore, be it known that the UH Hilo Faculty Congress is providing this formal request to Dr. Matthew Platz, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, to re-implement the post-tenure review policy and procedures per the University of Hawaii at Hilo Faculty Evaluation Procedure document dated 12.17.93. 

  • UH Hilo Faculty Congress Vote: Yes – 14, No – 0, Abstain - 0

  • The motion was not addressed by the Chancellor because there is already a System policy in place even though it has never been insitutionalized.

  • In August 2014, UH Mānoa developed a set of procedures and timelines for a process.

  • This motion has been returned to the Academic Policy Committee to determine whether UH Hilo would like to adopt the UH Mānoa policy, develop our own, or continue with what has been done in the past.