Minutes of Meeting

May 14, 2004


The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Jerry Calton,  at 4:15 p.m.


Present:  Jerry Calton, Robert Fox, Lincoln Gotshalk, Philippe Binder, Helen Rogers,

Sabry Shehata, Barbara Heintz, Rick Castberg, Michael Marshall, Jim Mellon, Jene Michaud, Kelly Burke, Larry Heintz, and Bruce Mathews.

Ex Officio:  Margaret Haig, Chris Lu


1.  Minutes of the meeting of May 7, 2004

      Approval deferred.


2.  Acknowledgement of Outgoing Members

Jerry Calton expressed his appreciation for the service provided by the following outgoing members:  Bill Mautz, Nina Buchanan, April Komenaka (elected for new term), David Miller,  Sabry Shehata (elected for new term), and Barbara Heintz.  Calton also commended the work of the Congress Executive Committee.


On behalf of the Congress, the Chair expressed gratitude to Nina Buchanan for her outstanding leadership and hard work as the chair of the Assessment Committee.


3.  Result of Faculty Referendum on Congress Charter Amendment

The UH Hilo Faculty Congress Charter (Article II, Membership, Section 1) shall be amended to add the Senate Chairs of the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management; College of Arts & Sciences; College of Business and Economics; and Ka Haka ‘Ula O Ke’elikolani, College of Hawaiian Language, as voting members of the Congress.

The Charter shall be amended when proposals are approved by a majority of those voting.

Vote:  67 For, 7 Against


4.   Installation of New Members

New members of Congress were installed and welcomed.  New and continuing members of Congress with their terms ending in spring of the following years are:


CAS                                                                CAFNRM

Didrick Castberg, 2006                                    Sabry Shehata, 2006

April Komenaka, 2006                           

Michael Marshall, 2006                         CHL

Jene Michaud, 2006                                        Haunani Bernardino, 2005

Philippe Binder, 2005

Robert Fox, 2005                                        COBE

Lincoln Gotshalk, 2005                         Jerry Calton, 2005




LIBRARY                                                      OSA

Helen Rogers, 2005                                        Jim Mellon, 2006


STUDENT                                                      COLLEGE SENATE CHAIRS

(To Be Announced)                                          Bruce Mathews, CAFNRM

                                                                        Larry Heintz, CAS

                                                                        Kelly Burke, COBE

                                                                        (To Be Announced), CHL


5.  Election of Officers


Jerry Calton was nominated for chair, accepted the nomination, and was elected by acclamation.

Sabry Shehata and Haunani Bernardino were nominated for vice-chair.    Results:

Haunani Bernardino   7 votes            Sabry Shehata   5 votes

Jim Mellon was nominated for secretary, accepted the nomination, and was elected by acclamation.

Bruce Mathews and Jene Michaud were nominated for chair of the Academic Policy Committee and accepted the nominations.   Results:

Jene Michaud    8 votes       Bruce Mathews    5 votes

April Komenaka was nominated to chair the General Education Committee and was elected by acclamation.

Bruce Mathews was nominated to chair the Budget Committee, accepted the nomination, and was elected by acclamation.

Kelly Burke was nominated to chair the Assessment Committee, accepted the nomination, and was elected by acclamation.


The members of the UH Hilo Faculty Congress Executive Committee for the Year 2004-2005 are as follows:


Chair               Jerry Calton

Vice Chair      Haunani Bernardino

Secretary        Jim Mellon

Chairs of Standing Committees:

            Academic Policy Committee            Jene Michaud

            General Education Committee            April Komenaka

            Budget Committee                              Bruce Mathews

            Assessment Committee                  Kelly Burke


Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Heintz