UH Hilo Faculty Congress

DRAFT Minutes of Meeting

March 7, 2003


The meeting was called to order by chair, Nina Buchanan at 2:05 PM. 


Present : Nina Buchanan, Helen Rogers, Robert Fox, Bill Mautz, Lincoln Gotshalk, April Komenaka, David Miller, Barbara Heintz, Sabry Shehata, Doug Mikkelson

Student Members:

Ex Officio: Margaret Haig, Steve Hora



1.                  The minutes of the meeting of February 7 were approved.

2.                  Committee on Retention. April Komenaka suggested the name of the committee be changed to Student Success and Retention Committee. In discussion, the Congress was agreement with this suggestion and it was also generally agreed that Chair, Nina Buchanan, will select a convener for the committee.


A motion was made to accept the proposed committee membership.

Vote: unanimous approval


3.                  Academic Policy Committee Business.  Doug Mikkelson presented the committee’s report.  The APC report declares that there is no adequate process for university review of new programs.  In particular, new graduate programs will have significant impacts on the university as a whole, and items listed in the UHH strategic plan (p20-21 of the plan) did not appear to have evolved from a formal review process.


Bob Fox suggested that the Chair should write a letter to the Chancellor requesting that the establishment of a UHH Graduate Council to succeed the current Interim Graduate Council (an agenda item scheduled to go before the next BOR meeting) be withdrawn from the agenda pending review of university processes for approving establishment of a Graduate Council at UHH. There was concern voiced about the relation of graduate programs to administration of the colleges and the role of the UHH Congress. 


Bill Mautz reported on a recent meeting of the Interim Graduate Council.  The Council seeks to develop a relationship with the UHH Congress.  The Council recognizes that the Congress is the logical body for university faculty input on review of proposed new programs.  Graduate programs will cross-classify with departments and even colleges.  The role of the Graduate Council is to evaluate proposed graduate programs on academic merit and not to base approval on financial resources.  The Interim Graduate Council approved a proposal for an MS graduate program in Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science.  The expectation is that the proposal will come to the Congress and to the UHH administration for review, and the Congress will advise the administration following review. 


Concern was raised about the process for recognition of a graduate faculty and for the original establishment of the Interim Graduate Council.  Nina Buchanan was directed to write a letter to the BOR to ask for delay in establishing a formal Graduate Council.  Bill Mautz and April Komenaka stated that the issue before the BOR represents the establishment of a UHH body independent of UH Manoa to govern UHH graduate programs.  This needs to be accomplished without raising UHH internal issues about processes for approval of programs.  These issues need to be addressed, but separately from the BOR agenda item.  In compromise, it was decided that Nina would defer writing directly to the BOR in favor of seeking additional faculty opinion and discussion with the Chancellor.


Motion to appoint Jonathan Dresner to the APC.

Vote: unanimous approval


4.                  7 Year Program Reviews.  Nina Buchanan reviewed the Program Review document. There were numerous suggestions for editing the language for clarification.


Motion to adopt the amendments to the 7 Year Program Review Document.

Vote: unanimous approval


5.                  General Education.  April Komenaka reviewed the status of General Education in regard to the WASC requirements.


6.                  By-Laws. 


Motion to postpone further action on the amendment to the By-Laws for 1 month.

Vote: unanimous approval


7.      Budget recommendations.  The question was raised as to whether there is support for a tuition increase. President Dobelle is seeking input.


Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.