UH Hilo Faculty Congress

Minutes of Meeting

February 7, 2003


The meeting was called to order by chair, Nina Buchanan at 2:07 PM.


Present : Nina Buchanan, Helen Rogers, Robert Fox, Bill Mautz, Lincoln Gotshalk, April Komenaka, David Miller, Barbara Heintz, Sabry Shehata, Pila Wilson, Doug Mikkelson

Student Members: Melvin Jadulang

Ex Officio: Rose Tseng, Margaret Haig

Guests: Thomas Pinhey, Kathy McNealy


1.              The minutes of the meeting of January 9 were approved.

2.              Criteria for appointment of faculty representatives to committees.David Miller read a draft report of the ad hoc committee on faculty representation on subject and screening committees.


Bob Fox said that the reportís assertion that faculty representatives must be appointed by a faculty representative body and not by administrative bodies has already been declared by the congress; the ad hoc committee charge was to develop criteria for how UHH Congress should decide on faculty representatives.


3.              Changes in academic regulations.


A.            Motion to move the deadline for declaration of credit/no credit option to the end of the thrid week of instruction was passed unanimously.

B.             Motion to allow an update of a studentís academic record at the end of the summer session was approved unanimously.

C.             Motion to allow students to drop a class without the signature of the instructor.

D.            Discussion: Sabray Shehata said that instructors need to know course registration status in the event there is limited space (for example in laboratory classes).It was stated that instructors regularly receive current class lists which effectively notifies faculty of this status.

E.             The motion passed with 1 abstention.

F.             Motion to allow a student to withdrew completely from the university without obtaining a signature from each of his instructors.Approved with one abstention.


4.              By-Laws Amendment to incorporate release time policy adopted Jan 9, 2003.Helen Rogers presented a first reading of the By-laws change in which the language for entitled release time for chairs of standing committees is struck.


Discussion: Robert Fox said that the document is adequate, but the context is wanting.Congress had engaged in a discussion of this issue with the Chancellor.If the administration agrees to the principle of providing support as needed, Congress has not received an official declaration of such.Rose Tseng said that the administration agrees to this in principle.Robert Fox presented a draft agreement, which is the resolution Congress passed last time, for the Chancellor to sign if in agreement with the draft.Rose Tseng was in agreement and signed the draft agreement.


5.              Ad hoc committee on retention. David Miller said this committee is a good example of the problem: this committee should be constituted by the Congress to be advisory to the Chancellor. Nina Buchanan provided some background: Last semester, Chris Lu solicited faculty and staff to be on a retention committee.Congress passed a resolution about committee formation.If Congress follows its own resolution we must decide 1) does the Congress wish to form such a committee, and 2) if so, then the Congress should recruit members and form the committee.


Motion for the UHH Congress to form an ad hoc committee on retention. Passed unanimously.

Nina Buchanan reported that there are volunteer faculty and staff from Student Affairs willing to serve.


6.              Standing Committee Reports.

Reconstitution of Standing Committee Chairs.All former committee chairs acknowledge willingness to serve again.

A motion was made to reverse the resignations of the standing committee chairs.The motion passed unanimously.



A.              Academic Policy Committee.This committee will reform.

B.               Assessment.7 programs have been reviewed, 6 by external reviewers.Reports will go from the Deans and Senates to Congress and this committee.There needs to be an evaluation and actions taken.

C.               Budget and Planning Committee.The committee needs guidance from Congress on what is needed from the committee.†† President Dobelle wants to see the role of the committee be achieving transparency of the budget, but not the faculty making budget decisions.

D.              General Education Committee.The Hawaii-Asian Pacific requirement is under review.Pila Wilson presented a resolution that the Hawaii Asian Pacific requirement be a University-wide requirement, not up to the individual colleges.Robert Fox requested that Congress wait 1 month before reviewing this while the CAS Senate considers the requirement.


7.              Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Programs.There are presently 2 bodies on campus that deal with issues of graduate studies: 1) a Research Committee chaired by Dan Brown and 2) an interim Graduate Council chaired by Jim Juvik.


Robert Fox suggested that the Chairs of the Congress and the 3 College Senates get together for a recommendation on appropriate process for the Congress.


Rose Tseng reported that at present, only UHM has a graduate council.The Manoa Deanís Council did not have strong objections to formation of a UHH graduate council, so this will go before the Regentsí February meeting.†††


8.              Announcements

A.            The All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC) will take a new direction under President Dobelle.The role of the faculty representatives is under review.

B.             Deane Neubauer will visit from UHM to convene an open meeting to hear comments from faculty, staff, and students in review of Rose Tseng tenure as Chancellor of UHH.Campus Center 306 9:30-10:45 and 2:00-3:15.


Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.