UH Hilo Faculty Congress

Minutes of Meeting

January 9, 2003


The meeting was called to order by chair, Nina Buchanan at 3:08 PM. 


Present : Nina Buchanan, Helen Rogers, Robert Fox, Bill Mautz, Lincoln Gotshalk, April Komenaka, David Miller, Barbara Heintz


Student Members: Ginger Takeshita, Melvin Jadulang, Ikaika Bontolina


Ex Officio: Christopher Lu, Margaret Haig, John Whitaker


Nina Buchanan reviewed the events of the meeting between the Congress Executive Committee and Rose Tseng and Chris Lu on 12/10/02 noting the points of agreement and disagreement between the Congress and Administration.


1. Regarding the formation of committees

Motion: April Komenaka made a motion that in constituting a committee, a faculty governance body will determine a set of representative faculty members for the committee.


Discussion: Jack Whittaker said a faculty majority may not be fair for some search committees, for example a vice chancellor of administrative affairs, since that position does not represent the faculty directly. The discussion then revolved around the merits or liabilities of whether a governance body recommends a set of committee members who are accepted by administration vs. recommending an excess number from whom  administration selects a smaller number of needed members.

Vote: 8 to 0 in favor.


2. Chair of committees

Motion: Bob Fox moved that administration will appoint the chair of a committee.  He then withdrew the motion.

Motion: David Miller moved that Administration will appoint a convener of a committee, and the committee in turn will elect its own chair. 


Discussion: Chris Lu stated his opposition to the motion and said that the administration should have the power to appoint the chair of committees. David Miller and April Komenaka advocated for the UHH tradition of administration appointing a convener of committee, who is, almost without exception, then elected to be chair.

Vote: 6 to 0 in favor


3. Re-assigned time for subject committee chairs.

Motion: April Komonaka moved that Congress support the process for granting release time on a case by case basis and revise the Congress bylaws which addresses this issue.

Discussion: Faculty ratification of bylaws changes should await information on budgetary support for release time.

Vote: 8 to 0 in favor.


4. Formation of an ad hoc committee to establish criteria for selection of faculty representatives to committees.

David Miller was nominated to head this committee and produce the criteria by Mar 1.

Barbara Heintz volunteered to serve on the committee.


Discussion: Jack Whittaker suggested that a rule for establishing a faculty

majority on a committee may raise a problem with the labor union.

Vote: 8 to 0 in favor.


5. A motion to approve Kinny Simmons to the President's Scholarship Committee (a systemwide scholastic awards committee).

Vote: 8 to 0 in favor


6. CAS Senate requests to approve extension of c/nc option to the 3rd week of classes. 

Noting that congress members from Colleges of Hawaiian Language and of

Agriculture were not present, David Miller made a motion to defer the CAS

requests until after Feb 7 while comments from these college senates are solicited.

Vote: 8 to 0 in favor.


David Miller noted that when items are brought to Congress from a college senate that impact academic regulations, they should be referred to the other senates for review and comment first.




1. Kathy McNally requested faculty volunteers for a search committee for a volleyball head coach.  Robin Takahashi has volunteered.  Lincoln Gotshalk also volunteered.


2. The All Campus Committee of Faculty Senate Chairs will be searching for a new Vice President of Academic Affairs.


Meeting adjourned at 4:28 p.m.


Bill Mautz

Vice Chair