UH Hilo Faculty Congress

Minutes of Meeting

October 25, 2002


The meeting was called to order by chair, Nina Buchanan at 2:05 PM.

Present : Nina Buchanan, Bill Mautz, Helen Rogers, Robert Fox, Doug Mikkelson, Lincoln Gotshalk, Pila Wilson, April Komenaka, Sabry Shehata, Barbara Heintz, David Miller, Norm Stahl

Student Members:

Ex Officio: Rose Tseng, Christopher Lu, Keith Miser, Margaret Haig


The Minutes of the meetings of 5/8/02 and 9/20/02 were approved.


1.      Pila Wilson reported that the GE committee met. Sandra Wagner-Wright will co-chair the committee, and the committee is requesting she be given a course load reduction for her service.The committee requests that Karlen Suga be made a student member.The committee also would like to recruit a member from the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource Management, and it was reported that Mike Shintaku is willing to serve.

A motion was made and approved to approve the GE committee appointments of Wagner-Wright, Suga, and Shintaku.


2. A motion was made to appoint Norm Stahl to the Library Advisory Committee in addition to the roster of Library Advisory Committee Members: Bruce Matthews, Hiapo Perreira, Chris Keller, Susan Brown, Cam Muir, Barbara Leonard, and Helen Rogers.

The Motion was approved.


2.      The Congress was asked by VC Chris Lu to appoint a chair to the Student Grievance Committee.Rick Castberg has been nominated.

The motion was approved.

It was noted by April Komenaka that Keith Miser is revising the grievance policy for this committee.


3.      Nina Buchanan has received a request from the librarian that new programs file a library resources impact statement.The request was referred to the Academic Policy Committee which is formulating new general policy for new programs.


4. Draft Strategic Plan Committee report.In order that the UHH strategic plan mesh with the systemwide planísschedule, the committee has been charged to extend the plan from 5 to 8 years duration (2002-2010).

A motion was made and approved to extend the date on the plan to 2010.


5. Nina Buchanan reported on the All Campus Council.She requested that issues to be brought before the Council be transmitted to her.

The Presidentís Council for Plans and Priorities is undertaking a systemwide reorganization.Proposed is that all community colleges and universities have a chancellor who serves on a council of chancellors.The effect of this is a council of 7 CC chancellors and 3 univ. chancellors.This structure has the effect of diminishing the relative importance of the larger units and in the case of UHH, further distancing the university from the presidentís office.It was noted that this amounts to a ďBalkanizationĒ of the University of Hawaii.


Bob Fox moved that the congress should request via the All Campus Council a meeting with President Dobelle at UHH to discuss the implications of the proposed systemwide structure.

The motion passed unanimously


Another topic requested to be raised at the All Campus Council is a request that the budget be developed in concert with the Strategic Plan.Nina Buchanan reported that systemwide budgeting is using details of goals from the strategic plan for systemwide development.Bob Fox stated that there is no process for faculty to participate in the major program changes that are then passed on for budgeting.Chris Lu responded that the goal development underwent a detailed and open process: in March, 2002 he issued a request for new programs; and in April he met in deans meetings to prepare the divisions for new program changes that would go into the strategic plan.There were 2 more followup meetings where they were discussed: the Chancellorís Council and another deanís meeting of divisions chairs.Chris said he did not prioritize the changes because there was no basis for making the priority, but that the UH System subsequently forced UHH to prioritize.††


6. Bob Fox requested on behalf of the Budget Committee that the administration make the budget process start earlier.



The Quality of Faculty Worklife at UH Survey results are in and will be posted on the web.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.


William Mautz

UHH Congress, Vice Chair