UH Hilo Faculty Congress

Minutes of Meeting

September 20, 2002


The meeting was called to order by chair, Nina Buchanan at 2:03 PM. 

Present : Nina Buchanan, Bill Mautz, Helen Rogers, Robert Fox, Doug Mikkelson,  Lincoln Gotshalk, Pila Wilson, April Komenaka, Sabry Shehata, Jim Mellon (for Barbara Heintz, OSA representative) 

Student Members: Ginger Takeshita, Melvin Jadulang, Karlen Suga

Ex Officio: Rose Tseng, Christopher Lu, Keith Miser, Margaret Haig, Linda Golian-Lui


Copies of the Minutes of the meeting of 5/8/02 were unavailable for review.


Old Business


1. Additional committee members are needed, particularly from units other than CAS

Sabry Shehata volunteered to join the Academic Policy Committee and the Budget Committee.


Motion was made to accept the roster of committee membership with the addition of Sabry Shehata to the Academic Policy Committee and Budget Committee was made and accepted unanimously.


2. Draft Strategic Plan. The first 19 pages have been approved by congress. Helen Rogers reviewed recent progress including the section on strategic initiatives.

Robert Fox made a motion to receive the strategic plan and forward it to the academic policy committee, but not to accept it in current form. 


Discussion centered around whether Congress should accept the strategic initiatives.  The initiatives are listed as “proposed” however formal proposals have not necessarily been approved or drafted.  The initiative ideas have been advanced by interested groups and have been available for informal review and comment for some time, but they have not been formally reviewed by any unit.  Some members believed this does not present a problem and simply represents a set of possible ideas showing that the university is thinking about the future.  Others felt that this list could be improperly viewed as a definite plan for the future and carry a weight of priority that was not justified.  The debate continued over whether the strategic plan itself is more of a definitive plan or a “living document” subject to continual change and modification.    Doug Mikkelson was reluctant to take on the plan and this issue in the Academic Policy Committee given this committee’s workload and the difficulty of properly evaluating the weight of the strategic initiatives in the absence of specific proposals.


Robert Fox recast his motion to approve the document exclusive of p20-21 with the issue of the list of initiatives and refer p20-21 to the academic Policy Committee to evaluate the language.


Failed: 3 yes, 4 no, 1 abstain.


Sabry Shehata suggested he could accept the plan if the language were modified.


William Mautz moved to change in p 20-21 the terminology “proposed” to “potential” indicating the tentative nature of the list of strategic initiatives, and to accept the whole draft strategic plan.

 Passed: 9 yes, 0 no.

Motion was made to insert the following statement into the Strategic Plan on page 20, at the end of the second paragraph, before the listings of potential programs.

         The following have not yet been subject to the campus review process:

Passed: 7 yes, 1 opposed

Motion was made that the Academic Policy Committee be charged with formulating the policies and procedures for the approval of new programs and initiatives.

Passed: 7 yes, 1 abstention

New Business

1. Motion was made to adopt the Media Relations Policy and Procedures

Failed: 1 yes, 5 opposed


UHH/HawCC Relationship. The Executive Committee held one meeting at the end of the last academic year with HawCC faculty. There will not be an easy or quick solution. HawCC is now going through internal reorganization. The Congress Executive Committee will continue to carry the effort forward.

Role of Congress in CAS Reorganization. Robert Fox, CAS Senate Chair, stated that the CAS faculty is still trying to discern its own views but is mindful that the issue is of interest to the broader UHH community. The Senate will write a letter to the Congress on the matter in a couple of weeks.

Add to list of issues to address.

The General Education foreign language requirement.

Robert Fox asked that the Congress Executive Committee take up two issues:

·                A statement on faculty governance involvement in the selection of academic administrators at both the university and college level.

·                A statement on faculty governance participation in administrative meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.


William Mautz

UHH Congress, Vice Chair