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Office of Student Affairs Budget Preparation Process


Until 2001, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs met with the program directors to involve them in the budget priority-setting process. Needs, priorities and program growth or reduction requests were directed to the Vice Chancellor. Later, the Vice Chancellor and the program directors worked as a group to articulate priorities and needs that would eventually be used as a basis for determining each year’s budget.

The Vice Chancellor also assume the responsibility for the Division for developing program change requests (PCRs) to advance requests for new funds from the UH system and from the Legislature. Recent PCRs included those from International Student services, Career Development, and Recruitment & Retention support.

A similar process was employed for the 2002 fiscal year. During the Fall of FY 2001-02, a five-year Strategic Plan was developed for the Division. This plan will be used as input for decision making for the FY 2003 budget process.

To begin the FY 2003 budget process, the program directors will be asked to prepare from a base FY 2002 budget using two budget scenarios. First, they will be asked to create an FY 2003 budget based upon a possible 20% cut of non-salary budget. Second, they will prepare another FY 2003 budget, starting from FY 2002 but adding requests for new positions or operating funds to meet anticipated demands, improvement in quality, or new programs to begin in FY 2003.

After this process is completed, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs will prepare a final budget that incorporates the ideas, creativity, and hopes of the Division of Student Affairs. The final budget will also meet the final institutional budget guidelines and the specific budgeted amount that is finally assigned to the Division of Student Affairs.


Within the Division of Student Affairs, priorities are set from the requests and articulated needs from each of the programs and program directors. The three overarching goals for the Division, as articulated in the Strategic Plan, help determine what are the highest priorities for the Division. These are activities which advance recruitment, retention and the development of diversity and campus community.

These priority requests will be made to the Chancellor through Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs via the budget hearing process. It should be emphasized that discussions will be held in depth with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs before the final presentation is made because all Student Affairs requests should be in concert with academic planning and with the values articulated through the academic budget setting process.

In the end, final decisions with regard to the Division of Student Affairs budget will be made by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs after a budget target is received that will serve as a basis for actual budget allocations to individual programs.

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