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Ka Haka ‘Ula O Ke‘elikōlani College of Hawaiian Language Budget Preparation Process

The college is basically divided into two parts: an academic division of Hawaiian Studies and Hale Kuamo‘o, a research support division which creates curriculum, among other things.

These two divisions separately formulate their own budget needs. Then Keiki Kawai‘ae‘a (director of Hale Kuamo‘o) and the academic chair of the Hawaiian Studies division get together with College Director Kalena Silva and collectively create a college-wide budget request.

The academic Hawaiian Studies division meets as a Senate-of-the-Whole and it is understood that the academic division chair’s budget position represents a consensus view of the division faculty.

In effect, the entire faculty works together to formulate their budget, communicate that budget to College Director Silva and then he, the academic chair, and the director of Hale Kuamo‘o create the final budget request.

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