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College of Continuing Education and Community Service Budget Preparation Process

CCECS is comprised of two G-funded staff members, the Dean (Margaret Haig) and an educational Specialist (Corrine Tamashiro). The Dean reports administratively to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Except for these two positions, CCECS receives no other G-funds from the University. They generate their own funds from tuition and fees charged for summer school and other special programs. The funds are used to hire other staff and support all operational expenses [(B) and (C) expenses].

The annual budget is developed by the Dean and Educational Specialist in consultation with staff to determine appropriate programs to offer. The Dean and Educational Specialist meet to prioritize program offerings based upon potential revenues that can be generated. The Dean then consults with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Future CCECS goals include:

  • Increase revenues by increasing enrollment in classes/programs
  • Develop outreach strategies to expand courses offered off-campus
  • Work collaboratively with colleges/departments to develop programs