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Social Sciences Division College of Arts and Sciences Budget Preparation Process

The Division Chair collects information from the department chairs with regard to their needs and then presents the result to the Dean, who sets overall priorities and allocates funds to each of the Divisions. Department chairs are seen as primarily responsible for make the case for their program. It is their job to justify their request and show its importance. Faculty participation occurs through the department chairs.

Operational Budget

Generally, the Division budget is distributed among the departments according to historic trends and proportionate to the number of faculty. Annual adjustments are made on the basis of differential growth.

The Division Chair sets the preliminary budget for the departments and request information from them on any special needs. If no special requests are submitted, the Division Chair finalizes the budget and reserves a portion of the Division budget for unexpected expenses. If there are special needs in a department, it is the department chair’s responsibility to justify and defend these.

Personnel Budget

Until the Fall of 2001, the Division have literally no say. All the decisions were made at the level of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Division Chair used to submit requests from the departments to the Dean. This year, the Dean started making decisions in consultation with the Division Chairs, whose responsibility is now to prioritize the Divisions’ requests and provide argument in support of their needs. The Dean then decides on the overall priority of positions within the college.

There is no clear mechanism for setting personnel priorities. Factors that contribute to making hiring decisions include, but are not limited to, concern about retaining existing faculty, impact on programs, ability to deliver courses within a major, maintaining the structure of the college as a Liberal Arts institution, etc.

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