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Natural Sciences Division College of Arts and Sciences Budget Preparation Process

Operating (B) Budget

During the past 5 years, the operating budget process within the NS Division is best characterized as an attempt to minimize the impact of decreasing budgets. Department budgets are based primarily on historical data, with changing needs leading to minor adjustments. The division chair discusses needs with department chairs one-on-one on an ongoing basis and as a group during department chair’s meetings (approximately 2 per year), and changes are incorporated into the budget requests that form the basis for the horse-trading sessions within the Dean’s council. It is assumed that department chairs discuss budget needs with their departments. Budget shortfalls are generally absorbed evenly across the departments. When pots of money sometime appear at the end of the semester, the division chair solicits input from the department chairs for new equipment, computers, etc., depending on the funding specifications. Due to the recent declining budget, very little long-term planning has been done.

Lecturers: Lecturer requirements are fairly stable and predictable over the long term. Lecturer needs are transmitted to the division chair by department chairs and in turn to the Dean’s council.

Personnel (A) Budget

Department personnel needs, whether resulting from increased enrollment, retirements, leaves without pay, sabbaticals, etc. are transmitted to the division chair by department chairs. The division chair works with individual department chairs to develop solutions for covering open classes (as in the case of sabbaticals or leaves) or for expanding the number of tenure-track positions. Suggestions are then presented at the Dean’s council. Long-term planning in terms of department personnel occurs on an on-going basis through informal discussion with department chairs. It is assumed that similar discussions occur at the department level between department chairs and department members.

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