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Humanities Division College of Arts and Sciences Budget Preparation Process

Operating Budget

During the four-year tenure of the current Division Chair, B budgets have always been based on historical allocations. Although the Division Chair always solicits departmental requests for different allocations, departments have not requested changes. Thus, the following year’s budget is “always: the current year’s budget with minor adjustments. (For 2001-2002, the Division was cut $10,000, which necessitated greater than usual adjustments. These were based upon placing instructional activities over other activities. One notable result was that the Writing Program experienced a massive cut that year.) The Division Chair prepares two budgets: one based on the current year’s budget and one reflecting the anticipated cut (this year it is a 20% cut in operating funds). She also maintains a running prioritized list of add-ons (replacement computers, office furniture for new hires, etc.) in the event of an end-of-the-year surplus or an unexpected infusion of funds. Meetings of department chairs, one or two a semester, are the occasions for horse-trading reaching consensus.

The Humanities Division has historically hired lecturers for high-demand lower division General Education courses, and in the past four years the Division Chair, at the request of department chairs, has arranged for lecturer conversion to one-year instructorships. In recent years, the number of lecturers has remained fairly stable across the Division as has UH Hilo enrollment. As with the B-budget, the Division Chair regularly solicits information from department chairs about anticipated changes in lecturer needs.


During these constrained times, the Division Chair works hard to maintain the status quo. In better times, the Division Chair works with departments seeking additional positions. Departments notify the Division Chair as soon as they become aware of a pending sabbatical leave, retirement, or resignation. The Division Chair works with the department and the Dean (and the Dean’s Council) to arrange to get courses covered (during a sabbatical leave) and to arrange for a replacement (for retirements and resignations). The department provides the Division Chair with justification for replacements; typically, the Division Chair is able to provide additional data and evidence to strengthen the department’s case.

As an example, the Division Chair is currently working with one of the departments that has undergone rapid growth in majors and SSH and that is, therefore, seeking a new position. The Division Chair will make the initial contact with the Dean about this request and expects to work closely with the department in negotiations with the Dean.

Participation of individual faculty in budget processes and decisions

The Humanities Division Chair emails all fulltime division faculty on all fiscal developments, on an almost weekly basis, notifying them of pending or threatened cuts and sudden brief infusions of funds, soliciting requests and feedback both directly or through department chairs. Division meetings of department chairs are held once a semester, more often in emergencies, and department chairs act as spokespersons for well-informed faculty.