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School of Business College of Arts and Sciences Budget Preparation Process

Operating Expenses (B) Budget

School chair consults with professional staff on likely needs for supplies, operating (e.g. copier) contracts, for coming year.

In April of each year, the School Chair consults with all faculty in School meeting, asking for input on budget needs for the coming fiscal (July 1 – June 30) year. At this meeting School Chair provides as much data as possible on recent expenditure history and forecast expenditures in categories such as copier contracts.

Throughout the year, the School chair consults with Department Chairs and faculty as needed if there are changes in budget or priorities.

Faculty Planning (A) Budget

School Chair annually consults with Department Chairs for curriculum development and course coverage plans and needs. Anticipated sabbatical leaves, leaves of absence without pay, retirements are considered in the faculty resource planning process. Tenure track position searches as determined by the early part of the academic year. Lecturer positions are anticipated to balance the faculty needs of the departments on a semester by semester basis.

School Chair submits budget request to Dean through Dean’s Council meeting.

Desired process timeline

  1. In February of 2002, Director consults with department chairs on anticipated faculty and new, or unusual, program needs for the academic year 2003-2004. This is a one year advance outlook and should be driven by the School’s strategic plan.
  2. In March of 2002, Director consults with faculty and advisory council(s) on proposed budget request and program priorities. Recommendations to fill positions made to Dean so that recruiting can commence August 1, 2002.
  3. In October of 2002, operating budget request finalized and drafted for submission to Dean through Dean’s Council.
  4. In November of 2002, budget for 2003-04, possibly revised, included in Dean’s budget to VCAA.
  5. Legislative decision finalized by May of 2003
  6. Governor’s revision of UHH budget finalized by June of 2003
  7. UH system revision of UHH budget finalized by August of 2003
  8. School receives budget allocation by September of 2003

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