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Budget Planning and Evaluation Process

April 2002

  1. Budget Planning Worksheets are distributed to Deans/Unit Directors (a sample copy of the worksheet templates can be found on the UH Hilo Congress Committee on the Budget website.)
  2. Deans/Unit Directors work with their units to formulate Unit Budget Requests. Requests will be completed in late April, 2002. (For the 2002/2003 budget year, which is the second year of a biennium, the process is somewhat accelerated. Formulation of the 2003/2005 biennium budget will begin in Fall, 2002.)
  3. Deans/Unit Directors meet with Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Lu, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs Whittaker, two faculty representatives from the UH Hilo Congress Committee on the Budget (and the Chancellor, if she is available) for an initial discussion of the Unit Budget Request.
  4. The UHH administration formulates a tentative UHH budget based upon the Unit Budget Requests.
  5. An Open Forum on the Budget will be conducted to invite comments from all members of the UH Hilo Community.
  6. Following the Open Forum, the UH Hilo Administration will formulate the final UHH budget (or budget request).
  7. The final budget will be made public.

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