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UNIV 101 Committee

Charge Letter

Charge Letter from Vice Chancellor (PDF)

October 13, 2014

To: Kurt de la Cruz, Emmeline de Pillis, Tom DeWitt, Norbert Furumo; Gail Makuakane–Lundin, Ho’oululahui Perry, Jake Picus, Comfort Sumida

From: Matt Platz

Subject: University 101

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for agreeing to serve on a committee to reinvent University 101 and to invent University 201 and 301. I understand that your time is the most valuable resource available to UH Hilo and truly appreciate your willingness to improve the success of our students.

I charge the committee to design a series of “student success” courses: University 101, 201 and 301. All 3 courses should be one credit hour and be graded as pass/fail. Only University 101 should be required, and it should be required of all first term, full time freshmen.

University 101 should be a course that is essentially, a UH Hilo “user’s manual” for freshmen. This should be a course that teaches the skills every freshmen needs to master to be successful. University 101 will also foster expectations, learning skills, and the growth mindset associated with student success. University 101 should be a course that allows every student to learn the resources we have at their disposal, and exactly where to go to find answers to their questions. The committee should consider whether we should offer the same University 101 course to all students, or to offer some variation tailored for specific populations.

University 201 should be an elective course that provides an applied learning opportunity for students in majors that do not provide this option. University 301 should be an elective course that prepares students to apply for graduate and professional school or for immediate employment.

I charge the committee to prepare sample syllabi for these courses, and to define learning outcomes and assessment measures. I ask the committee to recommend who should teach these courses (Instructional or non-Instructional faculty or APTs) and the appropriate compensation and workload credit where presently undefined by collective bargaining.

I hope that the committee can conclude its work by the start of Spring Semester 2015. Yolanda will schedule a meeting of the committee soon. Thank you once again for your important service.


[signature on file]

Matthew S. Platz
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs