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Faculty Congress Technology Plan Committee

This committee received the following charge:

With broad input from faculty, staff, students, and administrators, create a Technology Plan consistent with the Strategic Plan and WASC recommendations that will address:

  1. Continued improvement of technology availability and connectivity.
  2. Faculty and staff training and professional development.
  3. Assessment of the impact of technology on instruction and student learning and tracking student, faculty, and staff use of technology.
  4. Improved communication between technology services and the UH Hilo community.
  5. Guidelines and specifications for an annual technology report to be presented to Congress in May each year and distributed widely to the UHH community.
  6. Evaluation of technology services and its organizational structure.


  • Addison Watanabe (chair)
  • Luke Bailey
  • Kelly Burke
  • Marcel Tsang
  • Cecilia Mukai
  • Keola Donaghy
  • Margaret Haig
  • Carl Dionne