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Student Success Committee

Charge: The purview of the Student Success Committee will be retention, advising and remediation. The committee will subsume the previous Student Success and Retention Committee (a Congress committee) and the previous Advising Committee (a VCAA/VCSA committee). The charge of the committee will be to work with colleges, academic affairs, and student affairs to prioritize initiatives (past recommendations of the precursor committees) for implementation.

Reports, 2005-2006

Members, 2005-2006

  • Kenith Simmons (VCAA Office), Chair
  • Kainoa Ariola (OSA)
  • Chad Cabral (OSA)
  • Karla Hayashi (CAS)
  • Raina Ivanova (CAS)
  • Sonia Juvik (CAS) (Fall 2005 appointment only)
  • Gail Makuakane-Lundin (OSA)
  • Eric Sanchez (Athletics)
  • Craig Severance (CAS)
  • Michael Wery (Student)