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Faculty Congress Agenda 10/20/17

  • Welcome

  • Approval of Minutes, Chairs' Reports, Membership List via Consent Agenda

Faculty Congress Chair's Report

  • All-Campus Council for Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC)
    • September Meeting
      • Phillippe Binder
    • October Meeting
      • CC issues with remaining programs ceased with a resolution reminding administration of shared governance.
      • Discussion of resolutions related to transparent budgets. At some campuses, FC is included in budget decisions.
      • Will be serving on the System-Wide Veteran's Task Force.
      • BOR will be on campus on February 22, 2017. Faculty Congress will be part of the Chancellor's Report with a 5 to 7 minutes talk about FC/campus. Will determine topics within the Faculty Congress Executive Committee.
      • Issues with 2020 calendar, where classes resume on January 4.
      • Request from Senator Kai Kahele for legislative input from all Faculty Congress'. Need by end of the term.

Faculty Congress Standing Committees Reports

  • Assessment Support Committee

    • Lari-Anne Au, Librarian
  • Academic Policy Committee

    • Steve Hermanm Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Student Success and Admissions Committee

    • Tom DeWitt, Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Long-Range Budget and Academic Affairs Advisory Committee

    • TBD
  • Curriculum Review Committee

    • Linda Connelly, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • General Education

    • Amy Saxton, Librarian
  • Faculty Development Committee

    • Leng Chee Chang, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Program Review Committee

    • Doug Mikkelson, Chair and Professor of History

Facylty Congress Liaison Reports

  • Curriculum Liaison

    • Shelby Wong, Curriculum and Catalog Coordinator
  • Graduate Council Liaison

    • Shelby Wong, Curriculum and Catalog Coordinator
  • Research Council Liaison

    • Jim Beets, Chair, Natural Science Division, and Professor of Marine Science
  • WASC Liaison

    • Seri Luangphinith, Chair, Humanities Divison, and Professor of English
  • Professional Development Liaison

    • TBD
  • Distance Education Liaison

    • TBD

Faculty Senate Chair Report

  • College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

    • Katherine Young, Chair ad Associate Professor of Political Science; Coordinator of Administration of Justice
  • College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource Management (CAFNRM)

    • Armando Garcia-Ortega, Associate Professor of Aquaculture
  • College of Business and Economics (CoBE)

    • Kim Furumo, Professor of Management Information Systems
  • Ka Haka ╩╗Ula O Ke╩╗elik┼Źlani (KHUOK)

    • Kekoa Harman, Associate Professor of Hawaiian Studies and Hawaiian Language
  • Pharmacy (PHARM)

    • TBD
  • Library (LIB)

    • Amy Saxton, Librarian for Public Service and Distance Learning

Faculty Congress Representatives Serving on Committees

  • Chancellor's Professional Development Committee

    • Leng Chee Chang, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • TBD
  • Rose Tseng Lecture Series Committee

    • Jan Ray, Professor of Education

Faculty Congress Ad Hoc Committee Reports

  • None at this time

Old Business

  • Motion 17-18-001: Request for the Development of a New, Updated UH Hilo Strategic Plan

  • Motion 17-18-002: Request to approve changes related to catalog wording for incompletes for implementation throughout UH Hilo search committee.

  • Motion 17-18-003: UH Hilo Distance Education Policy final draft and motion to accept/support

  • Six faculty members recommended for the upcoming Chancellor of UH Hilo search committee

New Business

  • Motion 17-18-004: Motion to Request a Policy for Unregistered Students Attending UH Hilo Classes

  • Motion 17-18-005: Motion to Accept Two New Campus-Wide Advanced Placement Tests for UH Hilo Credit

  • Motion 17-18-007: Motion to Develop Guidelines for Promotion for Instructors (Per the New UPHA Collective Bargaining Agreement).

  • Motion 17-18-008: Request for the Creation of the DKICP faculty Senate Executive Committee for Representation on the UH Hilo Faculty Congress.

  • Motion 17-18-009: Request for the Formation of an Ad Hoc Committee to Develop Guidelines and Criteria for the Transition from Instructor to Assistant Professor.

  • Motion 17-18-010: Request for the Appointment of a Distance Learning/Education Liaison

  • Request for second faculty representative for the Chancellor's Professional Development Committee

Vox Populi (Voice of the People)

  • TBA

Thanks to all who are attending this meeting. Our next UH Hilo Faculty Congress meeting will be held on Friday, November 17 from 3-5pm. Same Place!