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Faculty Congress Motions 2015-2016

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Faculty Congress is the policy making body of UH Hilo for all academic matters of concern to more than one unit. On UH system-wide issues, the Congress conveys the views of the UH Hilo faculty to the UH President through the UH Hilo Chancellor.

Motion 1: Motion for an Update on the Campus-Wide Non-Smoking Plan

Motion 2: Motion for Forming an Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Guidelines for Contract Renewal, Promotion, and Tenure and Update Relative to the 2015-2017 Agreement

Motion 3: Motion to have the APC develop a classroom recording policy.

Motion 4: Motion made to send to APC: Review the charter's wording for UHHSA representation selection in consultation with UHHSA.

Motion 5: Motion made to approve/endorse change of format (no change in wording) of the standard form used in course evaluations at UH Hilo.

Motion 6: Charter change to provide for a non-voting Graduate Council Faculty Congress Representative

Motion 7: To Revise the Graduate Programs Curriculum Pathway Flowchart notes to include written acknowledgement by any relevant Units.

Motion 8: for the Creation of a Campus-wide Task Force to Study the Reorganization of Academic Units at UH Hilo

Motion 9: to reschedule the last day for students to withdraw with a "W"

Motion 10: to change the Charter to allow for a single voting representative from UHHSA to Faculty Congress:

Motion 11: to support naming the newly renovated "Old Gym" building: Manu ʻŌʻō, The Earnest T. Morgan Hālau.

Motion 12: Have the FC Executive Committee develop a motion regarding a new strategic plan.

Motion 13: for FC executive committee to write formal motion on the creation of a Task Force for Distance Learning.

Motion 14: for Faculty Congress to hold two town hall meetings to discuss the Reorganization Task Force's final report during the academic year and record input.

Motion 15: to request administration officially not to have formal consultations regarding the reorganization of UH Hilo units (with unions or BOR) over the summer.

Motion 16: to request a policy for Distance Learning.

Motion 17: for Faculty Development Standing Committee (Change in Faculty Congress Bylaws).