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Faculty Congress Motions 2013-2014

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Faculty Congress is the policy making body of UH Hilo for all academic matters of concern to more than one unit. On UH system-wide issues, the Congress conveys the views of the UH Hilo faculty to the UH President through the UH Hilo Chancellor.

Motion 1: Motion for Smoking Ban on Campus

Motion 2: Motion to Approve Sabbatical Leave Report Tracking Process

Motion 3: Exempt UH Hilo Graduates from the 30 Credit Residency Requirement for a Second Degree

Motion 4: Change Catalog  to allow eligibility for School of Nursing students to achieve Honors recognition

Motion 5: To Accept Modifications to the Academic Policy Flow Chart

Motion 6: Motion to Designate Online Lab Courses as different from In-class, Hands-on Lab Courses

Motion 7: Reimplement the UH Hilo Post-Tenure Review Policy and Procedures