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Faculty Congress Agendas and Minutes 2012-2013


3:00-5:00pm, K 127


3:00-5:00pm, K 127

10.19.2012 Agenda (Word) 10.19.2012 Minutes

  • Cam Muir gave a presentation on sustainability.

  • Dan Brown gave a presentation on Research Oppurtunities (Powerpoint)

  • Tom DeWitt gave a presentation on how he can help faculty provide Applied Learning Expereinces for their students.

  • Michael Shintaku was selected as Congress Vice Chair.

  • Adam Pack's motion #12-13-001 to form an ad hoc committee for publicizing faculty achievements was passed unanimously.

  • Standing Committees were approved.


3:00-5:00pm, K 127

11.16.2012 Agenda 11.16.2012 Minutes

  • Jim Juvik presented a 2006 CAS Senate Motion asking that UCB be named after Patsy Mink that was ignored at the administrative level, and asked that Congress re-introduce the issue. Jim privided background information on the biography of this CAS motion.
  • Chancellor Straney and a team of outside consultants from PBR HAWAII & Associates, Inc. and Design Partners, Inc. all presented on a long-range plan based on a projection of 7,000 students, and another at 15,000 students.
  • Jean Ippolito presented a CAS Senate report that can be found here


3:00-5:00pm, K 127

12.14.2012 Draft Minutes 12.14.2012 Agenda

  • The following motion was passed to adopt the modified Leeward Community College policy and procedures for dis-enrolling students who have failed to satisfy the prerequisite during early registration and remain enrolled in a sequential course: "The Registrar's Office will perform an administrative disenrollment of any student who has failed a prerequisite for a course for which the student is preregistered in a subsequent semester."
  • Jean Ippolito indicated in her CAS Senate report that Social Sciences Division Chair Chris Frueh presented results of a survey to the CAS senate indicating that 76% of Social Sciences faculty felt administration's performance was "poor," and that 44% of Social Sciences faculty will be going on the job market within the next three years.
  • Michael Shintaku was elected Congress Chair for Spring 2013.
  • A motion to support the motion passed by the November 17, 2006 CAS Senate to name UCB after the late Congress Representative Patsy Mink was passed unanimously.



1.18.2013 Agenda 1.18.2013 Minutes



2.15.2013 Agenda 2.15.2013 Minutes

- The Faculty Forum on Research Funding will be held on March 8th from 3:00 to 5:00.



3.15.2013 Agenda 3.15.2013 Draft Minutes



4.19.2013 Agenda 4.19.2013 Minutes

  • A motion to accept GE outcomes as Institutional Learning Outcomes was passed.
  • A motion to accept the new PR guidlines, linked five lines above, was passed.
  • A motion to establish a Program Review Standing Committee, linked five lines above, was passed.
  • A motion to adopt a MW/TR schedule was passed as ammended.



5.10.2013 Agenda 5.10.2013 Minutes

  • A motion to accept the the final version of the amendments to Congress Bylaws passed
  • A motion to ban smoking on campus passed.
  • A motion to enforce return-from-sabbatical procedures passed.
  • A motion to define the needs for "professional advisors" before further hires are made passed.
  • A motion to look into creating a frequent flyer bank for student, executive, and faculty travel passed.