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Faculty Congress Meeting Schedule 2010-2011

Motions Passed by Faculty Congress and Status of Administrative Approval

2010-2011 Meeting Schedule, Agendas, and Minutes

April 23, 2010

3:00 - 5:00 pm

  • 2009-2010 Congress finishes up business,
  • 2010-2011 Congress is seated and holds elections for officers.
  • April 23, 2010 Minutes
  • Elections results:
    • Chair: Barbara Leonard
    • Vice-Chair: Jean Ippolito
    • Secretary: Brian Bays
    • Curriculum Committee Chair: Jean Ippolito
    • General Education Chair: Elizabeth Stacy
    • Graduate Council Liason:
    • Thank you Sevki for Chairing Congress these past two years! Thank you Keri for serving on Congress as Graduate Council Liason!


  • 8.27.2010 Agenda
  • 8.27.2010 Minutes
  • Motion Passed: To keep the wording in the current catalog prohibiting using certain graduate level courses for undergraduate credit until the academic policy review process has reviewed any changes to this policy.


  • 9.24.2010 Agenda
  • 9.24.2010 Minutes
    • Graduate Council Report 9/24/10
    • Student Death Protocol with Posthumous Degrees(Revised)
    • Academic Policy Committee proposed revision of policy language to make it incumbent upon the department to recommend a degree posthumously.
    • Motion Passed: "The student’s academic department may recommend that the degree be awarded posthumously."
    • Motion Passed: “At the request of the relevant department faculty that graduate student teaching assistants be hired in high-enrollment general education courses to assist in evaluating writing and quantitative assignments.”


  • 10.22.2010 Agenda
  • 10.22.2010 Minutes
    • Motion Passed: Faculty Congress recommends that the Chancellor establish an Office of Ombudsman to act as a moderator and facilitator for intra-campus conflict resolution. Rationale: Faculty, staff and student disputes are not handled well at this campus and this creates tension on campus. Creating an Office of Ombudsman would help alleviate much of this tension.
    • Motion Passed: To recommend that the language in the UH Hilo catalog, course numbering system, be modified to:“Courses 600 and above cannot be used toward baccalaureate requirements.”


  • 11.19.2010 Agenda
  • 11.19.2010 Minutes
  • The General Education Implementation Team has been asked to report on implementation of new General Education Curriculum. Specifically,
  • 1) Has the team worked out a way to allow students who enroll in the fall to take "any" certified General Education course during their time here at UH Hilo, without limiting them to "only" those courses certified when they first select a major or if they choose to select the most current catalog when they graduate? (This will help our students graduate in a more timely manner.)
  • 2) Has the team come up with a plan to provide incentives to faculty and departments to offer more General Education courses? (e.g., provide TAs to large enrollment courses certified for Gen Ed.)
  • 3) Has the team a plan in place to ensure that our incoming Freshmen are able to take Eng 100 in their first year at UH Hilo? (Do we have enough sections and faculty to offer these sections?)
  • Discussion on pre-built schedules for incoming freshmen.
  • Motion Passed: Faculty Congress recommends that the EMIT Committee advise departments to pre-build incoming freshmen schedules on only the English and Math General Education requirements and those courses needed for the major.


  • 12.10.2010 Agenda
  • 12.10.2010 Minutes -Academic Policy Flowchart changes approved
    • Program Review: Pharmaceutical Sciences – Ph.D. (Program Approved),
    • Nursing – DNP (Program Approved),
    • Pharmacy Studies – BA (Program Approved)
    • ATP Programs Reviewed but not voted on:
    • Physical Therapy – DPT (ATP)
    • Teaching – MA (ATP)
    • Clinical Psychopharmacology – MS (ATP)
    • Agricultural Engineering – BS (ATP)






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