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Faculty Congress Members 2005-2006

Executive Committee

  • Jen├ę Michaud, Chair,, 932-7552
  • Rick Castberg, Vice Chair
  • April Komenaka, Chair of Assessment Support Committee
  • Marilyn Brown, Chair of General Education Committee,, 932-7118
  • Jerry Calton, Chair of Budget Committee
  • Kelly Burke, Chair of Academic Policy Committee,, 932-7248
  • Jim Mellon, Secretary,, 932-7467
  • Dylan Nonaka, Student Representative_(through January 2006; replaced by_ Beau Butts in January 2006)

College of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resource Management (CAFNRM) Representatives

  • Sabry Shehata (2nd year of term)
  • Bruce Mathews,, 932-7038 (CAFNRM Faculty Senate Chair)

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Representatives

College of Business & Economics (CoBE) Representatives

  • Kelly Burke,, 932-7248 (1st year of term)
  • Jerry Calton (COBE Faculty Senate Chair)

College of Hawaiian Language (CHL) Representatives

  • Iota Cabral,, 932-7433 (CHL Faculty Senate Chair)
  • Keola Donaghy (1st year of term)

Library Representatives

Office of Student Affairs (OSA) Representatives

Student Representatives

  • Dylan Nonaka, CAS representative (through January 2006)
  • Beau Butts, CAS representative (effective January 2006)
  • Justin Avery, CAS representative
  • Tausilia Amoa, COBE representative
  • Jonathan Groelz, CAFNRM representative
  • Kristi Malia Temple, CHL representative

Ex-Officio Members

  • Rose Tseng, Chancellor,, 961-9450
  • Stephen Hora, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Keith Miser, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • William Steiner, Dean, CAFNRM
  • Randy Hirokawa, Dean, CAS,, 932-7095
  • Marcia Sakai, Dean, COBE,, 974-7750
  • Kalena Silva, Director, CHL,, 932-7235
  • Linda Golian-Lui, Director, Library
  • Corinne Tamashiro, Interim Dean, CCECS,, 974-7664
  • Kathleen McNally, Director, Athletics