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Faculty Congress Motions 2012-2013

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Faculty Congress is the policy making body of UH Hilo for all academic matters of concern to more than one unit. On UH system-wide issues, the Congress conveys the views of the UH Hilo faculty to the UH President through the UH Hilo Chancellor.

Motions Passed by Faculty Congress and Status of Administrative Approval: 2012-2013

Motions are linked below in the form of memos sent to the VCAA for administrative approval.

Motion to Accept UHH Credit Hour Policy

Motion to Implement Administrative Disenrollment

Motion to Adopt GE Learning Outcomes as Institutional Learning Outcomes

Motion to Establish Time Limits for the Completion of a Ph.D.

  • Status: Approved

Motion to Adopt Revised Program Review Guidelines

Motion to Create a Bank of Frequent Flyer Miles for University Travel

Motion to Implement a Campus-Wide Smoking Ban

Motion to Indentify Departments Needing Advising Assistance Prior to Hiring More Professional Advisors

  • Status: Approval

Motion to Enforce Existing Sabbatical Return Policy

  • Status: Pending Approval

Motion to Adopt a MW/TR Course Schedule