Contracts, Procurement and Payments Office

Small Purchase Threshold

Small Purchases shall be made through use of the SuperQuote Request for Quotation System:

Dollar Amount Method of Solicitation
$0 to <$5,000 Electronic quotations via SuperQuote are recommended but not required
$5,000 to < $100,000 All electronic quotations via SuperQuote

Exceptions to the required use of SuperQuote for purchases less than $25,000

  • Professional Services (see APM A8.245)
  • Airline tickets and hotel accommodations
  • Purchases where the use of SuperQuote is not practicable or advantageous, as approved in advance by OPM (OPM Form 148).

Schedule of thresholds for purchases excepted from SuperQuote:

Dollar Amount No./Type of Quotations
$0 to <$5,000 No minimum number of quotations required.
$5,000 to < $15,000 3 or more written or verbal quotations shall be solicited.
$15,000 to < $25,000 3 or more written quotation s shall be obtained.

When the minimum number of quotations are not solicited or obtained for purchases excepted from SuperQuote, written justification shall be placed in the procurement file.

Competitive purchases of $25,000 or more which are not processed through SuperQuote shall be subject to invitation for bids, request for proposals or professional services procedures.

If no quotations are received through the SuperQuote system, determination shall be made on whether it is practicable or advantageous to re-solicit for quotations. Alternative procurement methods (e.g., direct negotiations) can be considered.

OPM will process procurements (small purchases, sole source & emergency procurements, etc.) from $25,000 and above.

Important Note: Small purchases totaling $2,500 or more require vendors to hold a compliant status in Hawaiʻi Compliance Express (HCE) at the time of award. Please visit the HCE website for additional information.