UH Hilo Faculty and Staff Awards

Distinguished Service Award for Improving Student Life

Award Criteria and Nomination Process

Distinguished Service Award for Improving Student Life Description

Presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to student life beyond the boundaries of their official responsibilities.

Eligibility and Nomination

  1. All UH Hilo faculty and staff are eligible for this award.
  2. Nominees who have retired within the academic year nominated will be considered.


The selection committee will evaluate nominations on a combination of the following criteria (not all criteria must be met):

  1. Serves as an advisor for campus clubs, organizations, and activities.
  2. Connects students to the community through service learning projects.
  3. Initiates campus activities and programs that enrich the social, cultural, and intellectual life of students.
  4. Creates links between students, classroom and out-of-classroom experiences.
  5. Obtains external funding to expand intellectual, cultural, and social learning for students.
  6. Volunteers for the “extra service,” for example, at college fairs, recruitment visits, new student orientation, and registrations staffing.
  7. Participates in a variety of student life activities and programs and is readily available to students.
  8. Promotes and contributes to building a welcoming and user-friendly campus for students.


Faculty, staff, and/or students may nominate candidates for the award.

  1. A completed nomination form.
  2. A statement summarizing the extent to which the nominee meets award criteria.
  3. Optional materials may include letters of support and other pertinent information provided by the nominee or nominator(s).