UH Hilo Faculty and Staff Awards

Excellence In Service Award Criteria

Award Criteria and Nomination Process

Excellence in Service Award Description

Presented to a faculty or professional staff member who provides service related professional skills to the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and their community.

Eligibility and Nomination

  1. All UH Hilo tenure-track faculty and full-time Board of Regent-classified professional staff (including APTs and executives) are eligible for this award, except for prior recipients of the award.
  2. Nomination form and deadline information can be found online at Faculty and Staff Awards.

Guidelines for Evaluation

  1. Quality of performance: active participation and attendance on committees, satisfactory presentation and/or completion of service activities (15 points).
  2. Impact of service: improvement or enhancement to group arising as a result of service activity (10 points).
  3. Quantity of service contributions: number of service contributions and hours consumed in service activities (10 points).

Guidelines for Selection Committee

  1. Members of the selection committee will be appointed by the chancellor.
  2. Members of the selection committee may not nominate or actively support a nominee.
  3. If a member of the selection committee is a nominee, s/he will be replaced with another member appointed by the chancellor.
  4. All nominees will be requested to provide
    1. a categorized list of service contributions for only the past five years for each of the following categories:
      1. service to the college/unit,
      2. service to the university, and
      3. service to the community, listing dates of service, committee and office/role held, nature of service, and number of hours consumed, and
    2. a current curriculum vitae.
  5. Committee members should rate the professional performance and contributions of each nominee independently, using the guidelines for evaluation, then the committee will collectively determine the finalists.
  6. The recipient of the award will be selected from among the finalists after the committee reviews documentation and information on job performance/teaching competency and scholarly/creative contributions.
  7. The selection committee will forward its recommendation for the UH Hilo Excellence in Service Award to the chancellor.