UH Hilo Faculty and Staff Awards

Board of Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching

Teaching Award Criteria by a Full-Time Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty at the University of Hawaiʻi

Teaching Effectiveness

Evidence that the teacher:

  • Has the ability to organize, emphasize, and clarify ideas in a manner which promotes student learning and enthusiasm
  • Is always well prepared for class
  • Uses teaching materials and methods effectively and imaginatively
  • Evaluates student work promptly, fairly and effectively
  • Promotes understanding of concepts and principles as well as acquisition of information and skills.

Personal Values Beneficial to Students

Evidence that the teacher:

  • Has a caring attitude towards students and the learning environment
  • Is enthusiastic about teaching and learning
  • Is tolerant of different viewpoints
  • Treats peers and students with respect

Effectiveness as an Academic Advisor

Evidence that the teacher:

  • Conducts academic advising in an informed and effective way
  • Acts as a link between the student and University by assisting st udents in developing and formulating academic plans and realizing academic goals.
  • Provides or directs students to suitable instructional support services.

Subject Mastery and Creativity

Evidence that the teacher:

  • Demonstrates mastery of the subject matter in courses taught through:
    • Research Projects
    • Publications
    • Artistic Productions
    • Musical/Dramatic Performances