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Title IX Resources

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

Reporting to UH Hilo

University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo encourages students, faculty, staff, and visitors to report sexual misconduct so that you can get the support and resources you need and so that the University can appropriately respond to the situation. You can submit a report by clicking the button above or contacting the Office of Equal Opportunity. If you choose to contact the Lead Deputy, Jenna Waipa, a Deputy Coordinator, or a responsible employee, the University will be put on notice. While the Title IX Coordinator will do everything possible to respect the reporting party's wishes regarding investigation, some complaints may need to be investigated without the reporting party's consent, if it is determined that there is a threat to the campus community.

Please note that faculty members and many staff members are considered responsible employees, which means they are required to report sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.

For information on confidential resources, please see below.

UH Hilo Confidential Resources

Confidential Advocate

Destiny Rodriguez is a confidential advocate who is housed in the Office of Equal Opportunity. She will work with students, faculty, and staff to understand their rights, options, and resources available to them. Destiny is a confidential resource and is not required to report information to university administration. She can be reached at (808) 932-7958 and her office is located in Trailer D.

Counseling Services

UH Hilo Counseling Services is located in Student Services Center, room E-203. Counseling services are free and confidential for any UH Hilo or Hawai╩╗i CC student. For an appointment, please stop by Monday through Friday, 7:45 - 4:30 or call (808) 932-7465.

Medical Services

UH Hilo Medical Services is located in Campus Center, room 212. Medical services are confidential and medical records will not be released without the patientÔÇÖs consent. Please call (808) 932-7369 for an appointment.

UH System Guide to Title IX