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Smart Sockets

We are working in collaboration with developers of a system that enables real-time monitoring of electrical usage. The system has two mechanisms for determining present electrical usage. A warning light in the monitored area changes color from green (low use) to red (high use). The light color gives immediate feedback on electricity use and enables immediate behavioral modification to reduce waste. The second mechanism is a pseudo-website that displays real-time electricity use in kW and $ using a dynamic color coded graphic.


The Smart Socket system that we are working with has 10 Smart Sockets and one monitoring CPU. The system will be deployed to Centralized offices across campus to track electricity use and encourage reduction of electricity waste. The monitor data will be posted here.


This home page was generated to summarize the electricity use. The data are for a partial day 09/07/12. Subsequent data will be posted as the system is calibrated.




Note in the above graph, the consumption for the photocopier does not go below 20W ever and spikes above 250W when in use.

Individual consumption for each monitor follows:



summary 9712

The above readout from the SmartSocket array gives the electricity consumption for each sensor for the same day, 09/07/12. This link leads to the historical data.


history graph9712


The above graph gives an energy use timeline for the office. This graph captures the intermittent electricity use by some office equipment while others are more constant. Time frame is also for 10am-8:2am on 09/07/12.


Part of the goal of this project will be to enable different units to engage in friendly competition to reduce electrical waste and enable shifting resources from electric bills back into the classroom.