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Plant Oil Extraction

Hawaiʻi Pure Plant Oil (HIPPO) and UH Hilo have joined forces to explore oil extraction from Jatropha seeds. HIPPO agreed to beta-test and maintain a mechanical screw press oil extractor that had been purchased years earlier. The collaboration not only enables the use of the press that had been in crates but also opens the door to collaborative research on oil agriculture and inter-cropping.

The press cake, above, is what remains of the Jatropha seeds post extraction. The press-cake appears to be a very valuable fertilizer and livestock feed. More potential research...

Jamie Twigg-Smith of HIPPO, stands by screw press

Jamie Twigg-Smith, of HIPPO, stands by the screw press oil extractor

Jamie and Graceson Ghen, Sustainability Coordinator for HawCC

Jamie and Graceson Ghen, Sustainability Coordinator for HawCC

Operating the extractor

HIPPO employees operate the oil extractor, which has required substantial "tweaking"

Oil being extracted

Oil extracted from Jatropha seeds. Substantial sediment appears in the oil. After several hours, the sediment settles out leaving very good quality oil.