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Welcome to the Women's Center!

The Women's Center is committed to moving forward in expanding our
network of allies to create a safe and inclusive climate for women at
UH Hilo and by default create a safe and inclusive campus climate for
the community at large. It is those with allies and friends that we
can help the community move past tolerance and towards acceptance of
everyone as equal partners on the UH Hilo campus.  We provide
educational experiences to engage students, faculty, and staff on the
topics of sexism, heterosexism, racism, ableism, and other forms of
oppression that result in discrimination and bullying.  We help women
to find a voice and become leaders in our community, as we are
introducing  UH Hilo Empowerment Month, which will occur every
November . The least represented need you to speak up for them,
especially those in the transgender community, as these women struggle
with hidden acts of microaggression in relation to their gender
identity and expression.

All women will have opportunities to have discussions within the
community through different conversations in groups that can meet
their needs or there are also support at the Counseling Center.
Additionally, we want to educate the entire community to continue
moving forward  in the hope for a safer campus climate that responds
to needs in an efficient and effective manner.

We hope to network with faculty/staff at UH Hilo and the local
community to improve the leadership opportunities and quality of a
holistic education that empowers and responds to the needs of the
student by helping each one succeed and find a place in our 'Ohana.
Please volunteer and join us in making the Women's Center a place
where EVERYONE can form coalitions to help women and/or the Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) population who have
extremely limited resources on campus and at the university. You can
be the voice for change. Swing by the office or call us to find out
how you can contribute to our mission.



Hannah Wu, Women's Center Director