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52 Suggestions For New Students

New to college or UH Hilo? Here are 52 suggestions to survive, succeed and make your transition to UH Hilo a great one (resource from the NACADA-National Academic Advising Association Clearinghouse ).

All Continuing SSSP Participants

Please come by and visit us in the new Student Services Center, 2nd floor:

  • SSSP Office - Norine : SSC E-213
  • SSSP Student Workroom (student computers & printing): SSC E-215
  • Shayna : SSC E-222

Advising Center

Visit the Advising Center website.

Campus Bookstore

The Bookstore is now located at the Campus Center.Textbooks and other educational materials and equipment are sold at the UH Hilo Bookstore, as well as convenience and personal items and clothing. For more info visit the Hilo Bookstore website.

Online Comparison Tool for Competitive Book Prices, finds the best book prices for new, used rental, digital:

Textbook Rentals

Available textbook rental websites:

Campus Commuters

Maximize your time in between classes or while you're on campus hanging out. Need a locker? Something to eat or drink or just a light snack? Parking? Know where to mail out letters, packages, boxes? Tutoring? Getting involved on campus? View the Commuter Advocacy website.

Chemistry Placement Assessment

Students who wish to enroll in & (General Chemistry I) and have not passed college (or the equivalent) with a C or better are required to take the chemistry placement assessment. For detailed information and sample questions for the chemistry placement assessment.

English Language Placement Assessment - Online Registration Required

Required for all students whose first language is not English. Students who are non-native speakers of English entering UH Hilo for the first time must take both parts of this exam. Part A is a listening section made up of a multiple-choice test in response to audio-taped questions and an 18-minute lecture followed by a series of questions. Part B is a 75-minute, multiple choice test of grammar, vocabulary and reading skills. Please bring photo I.D. Students may be eligible for a waiver if they meet certain requirements. A detailed description of waiver eligibility can be found at the Placement Assessments website.

SSSP requires the EPT for incoming, eligible SSSP participants who are non-native speakers of English.

eRefunds for Students

Why wait for your refund check in the mail? Sign up on-line to have your refund deposited directly into your bank account. See the eRefunds flyer to sign up now.

Enrollment Verification

You can obtain verification of your current and past enrollment status for semesters you are or have been officially registered at UH Hilo for health insurance, loan deferments, scholarships, services for students, or other benefits. For more information view the Office of the Registrar's Enrollment Verification website.

GPA Calculator

Calculate you GPA with this fancy GPA Calculator !

Need to raise your GPA? Use this Raise GPA Calculator!

Graduated SSSP Participants

Congratulations to our SSSP Graduates! View photos of past graduates at the Student Voices webpage

Graduate & Professional School Testing Services

The UH Hilo Career Center Administers selected graduate and professional admissions and professional certification examinations such as the LSAT, GRE, PRAXIS, PCAT and ASE examinations. Visit the UH Hilo Testing Center website for testing dates, registration and more information.

Graduation Information

Visit the RegistrarÔÇÖs Graduation and Diploma Information page.

Hawaiian Language Placement Exam

Students who have previous taken Hawaiian language and believe they may be prepared for coursework beyond introductory Hawaiian 101 should take this exam. Be prepared to spend between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete the written and oral components.

Hele-On Bus Schedule For Routes Stopping at UH Hilo

Got transportation? Did you know there are 46 buses stopping at UH Hilo each weekday? There are 34 buses that stop at UH Hilo on Saturdays as well. View the bus schedule and routes.

Kilohana: The Academic Success Center - Tutoring

Kilohana offers free walk-in tutoring for students.

Math Lab Tutoring

Visit the Math Lab website for the tutoring schedule.

Math Placement Assessment

NOT required for students who intend on enrolling in MATH 100 Survey Of Math (3) , MATH 103 Intro to College Algebra (3) , & MATH 121 Intro Stats & Prob (3) . Enrolling in courses other than those listed requires the math assessment.

For detailed information about the Math Placement Assessment and practice problems/questions, go to the Kilohana Math Placement Assessment Website.

Marshallese-English Online Dictionary

The Marshallese-English Online Dictionary (MOD) is a revised and expanded electronic edition of the Marshallese-English Dictionary, developed in 2009.

Online Readiness Check for an Online Course

The Online Readiness Check is designed to accomplish three major goals for the prospective and current student: (1) System Check to ensure that you have the necessary resources to take an online course; (2) Skills Check to help you determine whether you have the skills necessary to successfully complete an online course and (3) Online Orientation in Laulima, the University of Hawai╩╗i system's online course software, that demonstrates tools commonly used in most online courses at the UH Hilo.

Technical Assistance with Readiness Check process
Email Cindy Yamaguchi.

Placement Assessments

Depending on your major and the courses you are planning to enroll in, Placement Assessments may be required. Placement Assessments in Chemistry, the English Proficiency Test (required for all students whose first language is not English), Hawaiian Language and Math are offered at different times throughout the year. View more info on Kilohana's Placement Assessments website.

Returning-Student Application

Students who have stopped-out of UH Hilo for 1 semester and have not attended any other school during their absence, enrolled students graduating this term and intending to re-enter next term, students on National Student Exchange wishing to continue at UH Hilo (Please note that these NSE students must submit original transcripts from their previous schools) may fill out the Returning Student Application Form.

For more information contact the Admissions office at (808) 932-7446 or (800) 897-4456.

Social Networking For Students With Disabilities

"We Connect Now" is the newest generation of social networking for college students with disabilities. Log on to the We Connect Now website or the Disability Services site.

SSSP Student Voices

SSSP Student Voices: Website featuring SSSP Students who have graduated, have participated in Internships, NSE, and Study Abroad or achieved special recognition.

SSSP Mandatory Orientation Sessions

All new SSSP applicants must attend a mandatory SSSP Orientation session as one of the participant requirements to become eligible for program services. Contact the SSSP staff to register for an upcoming orientation: , 932-7475. If you are unable to make any of the sessions listed, please contact our staff so that we can schedule an alternative orientation for you.

Student Conduct Code

The UH Hilo Student Conduct Code describes behavior that conflicts with the fundamental purposes of the university, including academic dishonesty (cheating and plagiarism) as well as the procedures for reporting incidents of misconduct and how such reports are handled. For more information including the full text of the Code, visit the student conduct code website.

All members of the University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo community have the right to pursue educational endeavors as part of the institution's fundamental purposes of teaching, learning, and research. Students have the responsibility to maintain standards of personal integrity that are in harmony with the educational mission of the University; to respect the rights, privileges, and property of others; and to observe University policies as well as national, state, and local laws.

Student Health Services

The UH Hilo's Student Health Services is staffed by part time physicians and a nurse practitioner. Services include family planning, medical care, prescriptions, first aid, health education, tuberculin test and immunizations.


For information about requesting UH Hilo transcripts go to the the Office of the Registrar's transcript information.

Tuition & Fees Payment Information

Registrar's Tuition & Fees Payment Information.

Tuition & Fee Refunds

Tuition and fee refund deadlines and dates.

UH Hilo Tuition & Fees Payment

For information about tuition and fees payments.

UH Hilo Performing Arts Center

Discover what's happening this year at the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center!

Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library

Ulukau , or the Hawaiian Electronic Library, and its companion site, the Hawaiian Digital Library is a comprehensive website that is a repository of Hawaiian language source material, not recycled translations, crucial for Hawaiian studies. Search and access material in Hawaiian or English.

Writing Placement Assessment

The Writing Placement Assessment is a timed essay exam that determines what level writing course you will be assigned to if you do not possess SAT or ACT scores. You do not have to take this exam if you meet at least one of these criteria:

  • you possess SAT scores* or ACT scores** which will determine what English course you are placed into
  • you are a UH Regents' or UH Hilo Chancellor's Scholar
  • you scored a "4" or "5" on the Language and Composition Advanced Placement Exam.
  • you have transferred a course from another college that is officially equivalent to ENG┬á100 Composition I (3) . You must have verification of acceptance of this transfer course from UH Hilo Admissions Office.

SAT Score Table

  • ENG┬á100T Composition with Tutorial (3) = SAT-W 474 and below
  • ENG┬á100 Composition I (3) = SAT-W 475 and above
  • ENG┬á100H Honors Expository Writing (3) = SAT-W 625 and above

ACT Score Table

  • ENG┬á100T Composition with Tutorial (3) = ACT 17 and below
  • ENG┬á100 Composition I (3) = ACT 18 and above
  • ENG┬á100H Honors Expository Writing (3) = ACT 28 and above

You have to take the exam if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • you do not possess SAT-W or ACT scores
  • you have been accepted to and intend to enroll at UH Hilo
  • you are an entering non-native speaker of English
  • you have not transferred a course from another college that is officially equivalent to ENG┬á100 Composition I (3) at UH Hilo

For detailed information who is required to take the exam view the Writing Placement Assessment website or contact the Writing Assessment Coordinator - Karla Hayashi , (808) 932-7287,

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