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SSSP Academic Advising

15 to Finish Video

UH encourages full-time college students in the University of Hawai╩╗i System to take a minimum of 15 credits a semester so they can graduate on time.

15 to Finish includes an aggressive advertising and public relations campaign, sparked by the fact that only about 27 percent of all UH students graduate in 4 years. The campaign is targeted at every student in the UH system, but particularly incoming freshman and their parents. Research has found that students who take at least 15 credits a semester are more likely to do better in school and not only graduate, but graduate on time.

Academic Maps - 4 Year Sample Plans for Majors

4 Year Sample Plans for Majors

"Four-year Sample Plans that are designed to help students complete a course of study to complete their degree program in four years" at UH Hilo.

UH System Transfer Course Equivalencies

For UH Hilo transfer equivalencies for the University of Hawai╩╗i at Manoa and the University of Hawai╩╗i Community Colleges (UH System Course Transfer Database), transfer credit information for Pacific Region Schools and numerous Mainland colleges in Western, Central and Eastern regions. Visit the Transfer Credit Information website.

Other Academic Links

The staff in the SSSP office will meet with you regularly, at least three times per semester, to discuss your academic progress. They can help you with:

Meeting regularly with an SSSP counselor will help you more easily and effectively navigate your academic course to success. For other links to success visit these recommended websites:

UH Hilo Grade Points

Grade points for each credit hour received in a course will be computed as follows:

Letter Grade Grade Points
A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D 1.0
F 0.0

Students entering as undergraduates are not given grade points for work done outside UH Hilo.

GPA Calculator

Use the online GPA calculator to predict your semester GPA; the GPA calculator will factor in pluses(+) and minuses (-) for example B+ or C-:

Want to raise your GPA? Use the GPA calculator to predict your GPA for the semester and cumulative GPA:

Academic Success Videos and DVDs

Here are just a few of the academic success videos available to SSSP participants to help you on your path to academic success! Stop by to preview them at the SSSP office - Student Services Center - E-215 on the second floor. More academic and cultural DVDs, videos and books available on various topics. Stop by today!

Better Grades in Fewer Days: Test-Taking Techniques

Better Grades in Fewer Days

This program teaches students how to take tests, stress-free, by placing the experience into proper perspective. Stresses that no gimmick or shortcut can take the place of knowledge; provides easy-to implement tips for reviewing and retaining information. Learn how test scores can be raised and anxiety levels lowered through effective preparation. Discover ways to approach common test formats (multiple choice, standardized, matching, true/false, and essay), learn about the importance of reading questions carefully, and recognizing the benefits of preparing physically as well as mentally. (DVD:22 minutes)

The College Track - America's Sorting Machine

The College Track - America's Sorting Machine DVD

Issues of race and class have turned the college experience into an obstacle course that is deterring many of America's brightest students from graduating with a four-year degree. This video counters cultures of low expectation and social isolation with three stand-out initiatives that are helping students get into college - and stay in. (Meyerhoff Scholars Program, Puente Project, east Los Angeles College Program and the Twenty-first Century Scholars Program). (DVD:57 minutes)

Communicating Between Cultures

Communication Between Cultures DVD

Some "cultural givens" are so deeply embedded in thought patterns they are invisible to those who hold them. Communication Between Cultures shows how to make some of these patterns visible and improve communication. A series of cross-cultural situations show how even good intentions often go astray. (DVD)

Get Organized! Managing School, Life and Fun

Get Organized! Managing School, Life, & Fun ( Dvd)

This video teaches young people the value of personal management skills, and provides tips and strategies for getting organized in several key areas: living space, school materials, study time, extracurricular activities, and social life.Effective tactics will be a valuable asset throughout your education and career. (DVD:23 minutes)

Making A's In College

Video clipart

Here is everything you need to make great grades in college. Over 200 tips, techniques, secrets and new study methods will save you hours of study time and give you the grades you need for scholarships and graduate school. Includes sixteen practical, use-today tips for making A's in college that will benefit every student. (DVD, also available on video & cassette tape.)

The Master Schedule: Planning for Success

How To Become A SuperStar Student (Video)

This video course instructs students how to improve basic study skills and develop a genuine enthusiasm for learning. It covers budgeting time, taking notes, annotating texts, writing papers, completing exams, and choosing the right career path after high school. The lecture introduces you to time organization, setting up the master schedule with proper examples of what a master schedule looks like. Reading schedules are also outlines. (DVD: 30 minutes)

Organizing Research

Research Skills for Students (dvd)

A successful research project depends on evaluating, analyzing and selecting information; developing and refining a thesis; and using quotes effectively to support an argument. The key to tying together solid sources, credible facts and supporting details into a cohesive and effective product is organization. By understanding how to synthesize at every stage of the research process and maximize the use of graphic organizers, students will understand how to ultimately create a new set of ideas in their own voice. (DVD:23 minutes)

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