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6th Annual Best Bowl Cook-off

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

On-line Entry form

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Cook-Off Rules:

  • You may submit an individual or group entry to compete in the cook-off.

  • Your Best Bowl must be made from “scratch.”  “Scratch” is defined as incorporating ingredients yourself into the recipe rather than using “pre-made” food (i.e. canned soup, frozen chili, to-go order from a restaurant , etc.).

  • You must make enough food to fill one large chili pot (approximately 8-10 quarts.)

  • You will need to bring your food ready to serve (not cooked on site). 

  • To keep your dish warm, you will need to bring a large crock pot, propane burner or Sterno burners

  • Bring a large spoon to serve your dish (not a ladle).  Samples will be served in a luau (divided) plate.
  •  Someone must be present during the entire event to serve your dish to attendees.  Food will be served at the event from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

  • You will need to wear gloves while serving food.  Gloves will be provided by the planning committee.

  • The Best Bowl Committee will designate your dish to a certain category for voting purposes. The Committee reserves the right to designate dishes based on their own criteria and judgement.

  • Please be ready to serve your dish by 11:15am. Please come early to set-up. Location will be given on a first come first serve basis. Cooks may drop-off equipment prior to the event. Food cannot be dropped off.

  • The cook-off will be judged by the Faculty/Staff attendees ("Tasters"). Each taster will sample all the entries from a category then vote for their favorite. The eaters will also vote for the overall "Best Bowl".

  • Dishes WILL NOT be anonymous. Tasters will be able to see who cooked each dish (assuming the server is the cook). Dressing up in costumes and/or "begging for votes" is allowed. Creating wild and crazy names for your dish is also encouaged.

  • In the event of a tie, the Best Bowl Committee members will vote to determine the winner. If the votes are still tied, Co-Champions will be named and both will receive the grand prize.

Good Luck!

On-line Entry form

Printable Entry Form.