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2012 Best Bowl

September 27, 2012 Best Bowl Cook-Off Results!!!

It was a very close competition. The margin between first and third place was only a few votes..

Grand Champion:
Michelle Kualii - Natural Science

Entry - Soups & Chili
Her dish- Pork Hash Soup

Michelle Kualii

Catagory Winners:
Rice Dish
Shana Kaneshiro –Financial Aid Office.

Her dish- Junto Rice (Shana won Second Place Overall).

Jodi Kunimoto - Advising Center

Her dish - Almond Tofu Pudding

All bowls were delicious and we would like to thank all participants:

Soups /Chili

dexter 2012

Dexter Irvin
Innercollegiate Athletics

New Mexico Chilli

michelle K 2012
Michelle Kualii
Natural Science
Pork Hash Soup


Sulma G 2012
Sulma Gandhi
Student Health & Wellness
Banana Ganza

Janice 2012
TRiO Student Success Program

Artichoke Dip & Fruit Salid

jodi 2012
Jodi Kunimoto

Advising Center

Almond Pudding

Rice Dish

Shanon 2012
Shana Kaneshiro

Financial Aid Office

Junto Rice

loretta s 2012
Loretta Santiago

Auxillary Services

Chicken Long Rice

tim Best Bowl 2012

Tim Moore

Campus Recreation

Mexican Mac & Cheese


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Special Thanks to the members of the Best Bowl Committee!!!


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