Division of Student Affairs (DSA)

Professional Development

As Student Affairs practitioners, it is our responsibility to serve students with the appropriate training and background needed to meet the various demands and needs that they have. With this, it is also imperative to serve as positive role models and represent the profession we serve. To do this, appropriately, we should both seek and take advantage of the various opportunities to train and develop ourselves personally and professionally when afforded opportunities to do so. The skills we learn through these opportunities benefit not just ourselves, but also the UH Hilo community.

At UH Hilo, Student Affairs is committed to the training and development of staff by providing access to a range of opportunities for the intellectual, professional, social and cultural development of staff in line with professional competencies as outlined by ACPA/NASPA (PDF). To do this formally, we have created a Professional Development Committee comprised of members from across various departments to help formalize diverse offerings aimed around staff development in working with students. Please take the time to explore the options available and get involved in your development.

The Student Affairs Professional Development Committee is comprised of: